Steel filing cabinet and industrial vintage desks

Steel Filing Cabinet

What are Steel Filing Cabinet?

Steel Filing Cabinet are a type of furniture that consist of doors and drawers for storage of things/commodities.

Filing Cabinets

Filing Cabinets are types of furniture that are used when some particular sort of file folders or documents are to be stored. It can be said as an enclosure for storage of items in drawers. For example: A filing cabinet used for storage of A4 size papers. These can be in vertical or horizontal forms depending upon the types of files or accommodation of the papers.

Steel Filing Cabinet

The filing cabinets are manufactured using steel which offer a great impact in offices providing a classy and luxurious outlook. Steel Filing Cabinet are more strong and durable. These are available in various shapes and sizes. Selecting stainless steel filing cabinets is one of the best options for storing office and industrial documents. They have various types of locking systems such as single lock, interlock, counterweight, full drawer suspension and many more.

Where to buy Vintage Desks?

The customers can find different varieties of Vintage Industrial Desks on Amazon as well as other shopping sites/apps.

vintage Industrial desks

Prices of Industrial Desks

The prices range from a minimum of 5000 – 25000 depending upon the type of product selected. Godrej steel and furniture are considered to be one amongst the best brands and are available at an affordable price of 10000- 15000.

Benefits/ Advantages of Vintage furniture 

Efficient space utilisation. Available in single door as well as the double doors and can be easily attached or unattached, Strong and durable desks, do not need much maintenance and offer great strength and sturdiness ensuring long life.


The only drawback is that it is available in very limited colour varieties such as black, grey, or white. Thus, stainless steel filing cabinets are very efficient forms for storage of items. These are considered to be more strong and durable than vintage furniture all the available forms leaving their customers more happy and satisfied than expected.

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